Easter Service

No event has had such a major influence on the arch of human history than the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Messiah. The resurrection of the God/Man from Nazareth, who embodied the Old Testament offices of Prophet, Priest and King has reverberated throughout the world establishing a major religion whose influence has reached nearly every

Christmas Eve Service

     Please join us for a special Christmas Eve Service at 7:00pm in person or on our Facebook Live broadcast. We will be celebrating the incarnation of Christ, the most significant event in human history where the Triune God of all creation clothed himself in human flesh to redeem His creation from sin and eternal death.

Angel Tree Gifts

This year we are doing our Angel Tree electronically. Please choose what you would like to purchase for this family, wrap and label them accordingly. All the gifts need to be returned to Remington UMC by December 15th. You can call the church office if you have any questions or need access to the church

What We Believe

At Remington UMC we believe in the Triune God of all creation, who gave his only begotten son Jesus as sacrifice for the sins of the world, that whoever believes in him will have eternal life. We believe in sharing the gospel with all the world that all might be transformed into the perfect loving